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PVK, also known as ‘Player Vengeance Kill’ is finally here! What is PVK? PVK is a decentralized Cryptocurrency token based on the Waves platform. PVK intends to be the leading hybrid trading token on the crypto gaming market.

The Benefits of P.V.K Coin

See What P.V.K Has To Offer



No more lengthy wait times – PVKCoin transactions are simple and efficient.


Have complete ownership and control over your finances.



No blacklisting, no tracing, no intermediary required.

Coin Specifications

Currency type: Token

Total Issued: 1 Billion (1,000,000,000)

Decimals: 8

Issuer: 3PA2nRt7yxVM6mueqZa7S8gkdpxuGnH689S

Reissue-able: Not Reissue-able

Issued-Block: 1,067,694

Date of Issue: July 3rd, 2018




P.V.K Wallets




Coming Soon!

The purpose of PVK is to facilitate as well as speed up Gamer to Gamer (G2G) transactions. Waves platform is a very fast form of exchanging currencies, and will be one of the leading backing currencies in the future to come.


PVK Coin wants to make it possible, for all gamers to generate income for doing what they do best; Gaming! PVK has plans to facilitate that purpose on its own, in conjunction with leading game developers and in dependant ones in order to expand our reach to every gamers Wallet.


1st Quarter:

Issue Token

Assemble Development Team

Setup social media, Discord setup, Reddit, ofundme

Promote token: Airdrops and Giveaways

Network, build contacts, game development teams


 2nd Quarter:

Game App design & development

Encourage Beta Testers With PVK

Better Website With PVK Integration, PVK shop

More Marketing more pushing (youtubers, twitchers, etc)

60% Pre-Sale at .01 Waves


3rd Quarter:

3rd party Exchanges Crypto-Hub

Final Testing of Game Applications

Final Testing of Website PVK integration

Finalize Talks with Indie gaming Dev and Mainstream Devs

Major Marketing Push (endorsement)


4th Quarter:

Launch Updated Integrated Website

Launch Gaming Apps

Integrated with Existing and New coming games.

Full Launch of PVK

Market Push